Now that I officially have a job and an address and a steady paycheck and other things normal people have, I can start planning my life, aka my running vacations. The past six months I’ve been choosing races based on the following questions: 1) Where the heck am I? 2) Where will I be this weekend? 3) Is there a race that is not a 26 mile trail run in my general vicinity? 4) Do I have enough money to run as a non-bandit?

This strategy actually worked pretty well. In 2011 I ran…

Then I ran out of money, and had to pass on the Seattle ½ Marathon and the Las Vegas Rock n Roll ½ Marathon. I was sad that I missed the Seattle Marathon, but I’m glad I opted out of the Las Vegas one. The ½ marathon course looked terrible and after the race reports about tainted water started surfacing.

Anyways, now that I have said job, I can have a fancy race calendar on my blog like Sarah and Cely and other runner-bloggers have. Due to lack of funding and my aversion towards driving mountain passes in the snow, all my running will be in Denver for the first few month.



  • 11th: Ralston Creek Half Marathon in Arvada, CO – unless the race sells out before I get paid. I’m training for it anyways!
  • 12th: Platte River 7 miler in Denver, CO.


  • March 17th: Canyonlands Five Miler in Moab, UT – unless it’s snowing in the mountains, which is probably will be.
  • March 25th: Tri-State 20 miler: Starts in Maine, runs down the New Hampshire coast, and finishes in Massachusetts. I REALLY want to do this race (it’s during my Spring Break), but don’t know if I’ll have the money. If you see ads go up on this blog, you’ll know why!


  • 7th: City Park 4 miler in Denver, CO
  • 14th : Kevin Whirlwind Horse 10K in Spearfish, SD


  • 6th: Stapleton 5 miler in Denver, CO
  • 27th: Wyoming ½ Marathon in Laramie, WY


  • 16th: Grandma’s Marathon: Duluth, MN. I’ve already paid for this one, so it’s a go. I haven’t run a marathon in 10+ years, so I figured it’s time to do another one. This race is supposed to be GORGEOUS.

So that’s it for now! I’d better start running…